Dried Fruit Spreads & Jams

Having a vast experience in fruit jam manufacturing, Sanford decided to focus on two varieties, perfecting the recipes over the years. Our dried fig spreads and dried apricot jams taste superb, complimenting cheese plattters in the US, tea ceremonies in China and biscuit trays in UK. The spreads’ fruit content, acidity and sweetness level, as well as a complete taste profile can be modified according to customer demand.

Sanford dried fruit spreads and jams can be plain or with added ingredients to satisfy different country’s tastes and preferences. We use unsulphured premium quality dried figs in spreads, while customers usually prefer dried apricot jams made with sulphured dried apricots due to a better color appeal. That being said, we can offer the jam made with natural unsulphured apricots upon request. 

  • Plain Apricot Jam
  • Plain Dried Fig Spread
  • Dried Fig Spread with Balsamic Vinegar
  • Dried Fig Spread with Ginger
  • Dried Fig Spread with Lemon
  • Dried Fig Spread with Orange
  • Dried Fig Spread with Spices
  • Dried Fig Spread with Strawberry
  • organic
  • conventional
  • 250gr glass jars; 12 jars per case; 2 cases per outer white export grade carton.
  • 380gr glass jars; 12 jars per case; 2 cases per outer white export grade carton.

Pallet lot: (80 x 120 cm) 

250gr – 3,264 jars. 

380gr – 1.536 jars.

Container load:

20’’ Container: 250gr – 11 pallets with 35,904 jars in total / 380gr – 11 pallets with 16,896 jars in total.

40’’ Container: 250gr – 21 pallets with 68,544 jars in total / 380gr – 21 pallets with 32.256 jars in total.



Sanford dried fruit spreads and jams are 100% plant-based and do not contain artificial flavourings, colours or GMOs. They do not contain major allergens, such as peanuts, milk, eggs, soy, fish, shellfish, nuts, wheat and sesame seeds. None of these items are present on the production lines where the products are manufactured and packed.


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